3D Mammogram Procedure

To have dense breasts is actually dangerous since this condition can increase the chances of suffering from breast cancer and, what’s worst, it can be possible that cancer can go undetected for a common mammogram. Doctors are not really sure why breast density makes breast cancer more possible, but it is.

So, if you are looking for a breast routine exam, then it is better to get a 3d mammogram procedure. This test uses x-rays in order to collect a huge number of images from your breast from different views. These images are processed later on a computer and it gives to the doctor a three-dimensional view of your breasts, meaning that they will get the whole picture and, therefore, they can get a more accurate diagnosis (or lack of) with this kind of test.  

An annual mammogram test is recommended for women over 40. If doctors discover something unwanted on your body when it is recent, then the chances of getting better without dramatic procedures increases. It is very important to get to know your breasts and their density so you know which test to choose in order to prevent diseases and take good care of your health. 

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