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Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder characterised by wheezy breathing that may be continuous and paroxysmal. A Cough that produces sticky mucoid sputum is symptomatic.

It is a condition of allergic origin that is marked by laboured breathing. Ten million sufferers usually experience Coughing, gasping, and chest constriction.

Typically, boys under the age of ten are most often affected, then mature out of this ailment by adulthood. One-third of the asthmatic cases develop in individuals between the ages of ten and thirty, involving males and females equally.


Ginkgo biloba (9)
Liquorice Root (10)
Slippery Elm (11)


Beta Carotene
Evening Primrose Oil (1)
Fish Oil (1)
Magnesium (2)
Selenium (3)
B Complex
Vitamin B6 (4)
Vitamin B12 (5)
Vitamin C (6,7,8)
Vitamin E (12)


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