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Normally present on the Skin and in the digestive tract, the candida fungus (Candida albicans) only becomes problematic when it undergoes abnormal growth. Upon such growth, candida infects mucous membranes, especially those of the mouth or vagina.

This fungal Infection, known as candidiasis, usually results from an unbalanced diet, or the presence of another debilitating force, such as AIDS. These factors compromise the Immune System?s response to normal, controlled candida growth.

Other factors that encourage candida overgrowth include excess sugar consumption and use of antibiotics, which destroys the balance of normal bacteria within the body.


Garlic (3)


L- acidophilus (1)
Evening Primrose Oil
Folic Acid
Vitamin A (4)
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C (2)
Vitamin E


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