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Diarrhoea is a condition of abnormally frequent and fluid-like bowel movements. It may be a symptom of an underlying disorder. There are two basic types of diarrhoea: acute and chronic. Acute diarrhoea, the common form, may last two or three days. Chronic diarrhoea may last for months with recurrent or continuous symptoms. Either may be a problem if it results in dehydration and excessive loss of nutrients and body salts. Treatment for mild diarrhoea can involve dietary change, removing a specific causative agent from the diet, increasing liquids to replace fluid loss, and antidiarrhoeal medications.

Diarrhoea is often a defence mechanism to rid the body of toxic substances. It may be caused by excessive indulgence in alcohol or other substances that prove irritating to the stomach or intestines, by Allergy to certain foods, by poisoning with heavy metals, by chemicals found in cathartics, by Hyperactivity of the nervous system and by viral or bacterial Infections. Diarrhoea produces hypermotility of the bowel and consequently decreases faecal transit time.

Normally, adults are not harmed by diarrhoea, but it can be life threatening to children, the elderly and the debilitated.


Peppermint (5)
Slippery Elm (6)


L-acidophilus (1,2)
Evening Primrose Oil
Folic Acid (3)
Garlic (4)

HOMOEOPATHY: Diarrhoea and Vomiting

Arsen. alb.
Simultaneous diarrhoea and Vomiting.
For Food Poisoning and "traveller's tummy."
Patient often feels very chilly and/or terribly weak.

Especially useful for upsets caused by fruit.

Useful where colic is particularly bad.
Patient doubled up with Pain.

Terrible nausea, not helped by Vomiting.
No thirst, coating on tongue.
Much saliva produced.
Diarrhoea may be particularly offensive.

Upsets caused by fruit or cold drink or food, particularly ice cream.
Frequent urging to stool, may only pass mucus.
No two stools alike.
Worse at night.

Diarrhoea with much offensive flatus.
May have to rush out of bed to go to toilet.


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