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A wound is an injury to the body that involves laceration or breaking of a membrane (such as the Skin) and usually damage to underlying tissues. Trauma to these body tissues can result in bleeding and Infection.

Treatment for a wound is directed towards the complications. This may involve removing foreign objects, stopping haemorrhages, and minimising Shock. Antiseptics and tetanus toxoid boosters are also used.

Types of wounds include abdominal, contusion, perforated, incised, puncture, lacerated, subcutaneous, non-penetrating, tunnel, and open.


Gotu Kola (5)
St. John's Wort (6)
Aloe Vera (1)


L-arginine (2)
Evening Primrose Oil
B Complex
Vitamin C (3)
Vitamin E (7)
Zinc (4)


A "must have" for any injury where there may be torn or jagged wounds with Bruised feeling.
Give every 10 minutes for a few doses until the Pain subsides.

Hepar sulph.
Useful if a wound or graze threatens to become infected with yellow pus.


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