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A state of anxiety can be described as anticipatory tension or vague dread, persisting in the absence of a specific threat. In contrast to fear, which is a realistic reaction to actual danger, anxiety is a reaction to a concealed source of distress.

Anxiety is characterised physiologically by increased pulse rate; heightened breathing and blood pressure, palpitations, perspiration, muscular tension, dryness of the mouth, and sometimes an increased need to urinate. Emotionally, anxiety is characterised by worry, apprehension, panic, or fear.

Mild anxiety actually heightens an individual?s capacities. It becomes a problem, however, when anxiety persists or when it interferes with normal daily functioning.


Ginkgo biloba (4)
Hops (5)
St. John's Wort (7)
Valerian (6)


Folic Acid
Magnesium (1)
Niacin (2)
Thiamine (3)
Vitamin B2 (3)
Vitamin B12 (3)

HOMOEOPATHY: Anxiety & Stress

Severe emotional or mental Stress.
Feelings of Shock, panic and restlessness.
Can be helpful in panic attacks.
Helpful if accompanied by anxiety or panic.

Arsen. alb.
Anxiety combined with irritability.
Restless and hates to be alone.
Usually a "cold-blooded" person.
Pain makes the patient feel very anxious.

Severe grief or emotional upset such as bereavement.
Crying uncontrollably, may be hysterical.
Feeling as if cannot cope due to grief.

Nux vom.
Workahoilic, who will burn out.
Irritable and irascible.
Often turn to drink, tranquilisers or stimulants to cope.

Exam nerves or similar situation.
Feels paralysed by fear.
Can be used for school phobia.

Anxious, fears failure.
Nervous, irritable and stubborn.
Usually a cold-blooded person.

HOMOEOPATHY: Onset of cold or flu

Arsen. alb.
Very anxious and restless and often thirsty.


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