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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The condition known as chronic Fatigue implies tiredness from which there is no real relief; even a night's sleep does not offer enough rest.

Acute Fatigue may be weariness from labour or exertion, or from nervous exhaustion. It is activated quickly; for example, after a sprint around an athletic track, further running becomes physiologically impossible without a period of rest. The body must be given a chance to recover and repay its oxygen debt.

Muscular Fatigue is closely related. There is also an oxygen requirement by the body. However, although there may be delayed soreness in the muscles, the following day the body can once again perform the work or exercise.


Echinacea (6)
Ginkgo biloba (10)
Siberian Ginseng (7)
Goldenseal (8)
Milk Thistle (9)


Coenzyme Q10 (1)
Evening Primrose Oil (2)
Fish Oil (2)
Magnesium (3)
Potassium (3)
B Complex
Vitamin B12 (4)
Vitamin C (5)


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