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A very general term, infection represents the invasion of the body tissues by microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa).

Invading organisms, such as bacteria, produce toxins that damage host tissues and interfere with normal metabolism. Viruses cause cellular degeneration (rabies or polio) or cellular creation (Warts and cold sores).

Most of us can overcome minor infections in a few days. However, some individuals suffer from one infection after another. This generally signals a serious disease whereby the Immune System has been compromised.


Goldenseal (5)


Evening Primrose Oil
Fish Oil
Garlic (1)
Selenium (6)
Vitamin A (2)
Vitamin C (3)
Vitamin E (4)


Useful for Earache due to Eczema or infection of the Skin in the ear.
There is a burning itchy sensation and often a smelly discharge.


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