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Depression is a Painful emotional reaction characterised by intense feelings of loss, sadness, worthlessness, failure, or rejection not warranted by an objective view of events. It may be accompanied by such physiological symptoms as tense posture, persistent frowning, slowing of motor and mental activity, Fatigue, lack of appetite, and Insomnia.

A person may be prone to unipolar depression at various intervals during their lifetime. Bipolar depression, however, is manic depression, where periods of intense excitement alternate with periods of acute depression. Often the individual may feel unworthy of life.


Gotu Kola
St. John's Wort (4)
Siberian Ginseng (6)
Valerian (5)


B Complex
Vitamin B6 (1)
Vitamin B12 (2)
L-tyrosine (3)
Vitamin C


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