Steven Seagal SNL Guest

Saturday Night Live was released in 1975 and it was created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol. Since its early beginning, it was based on comedy sketches that include parodies of contemporary matters including politics and general culture. The sketches are performed by a large cast that may vary over the years, and there is always a celebrity guest that participates in the sketches. There have been good and bad guests, so let’s go over them.

Among the best guests, we can name Steve Martin and the Mediaval Barber sketch, Robert DeNiro with the Three Wise Guys Sketch, Madeline Kahn with the Slumber Party Sketch, Justin Timberlake with the Dick in a Box Sketch, Christopher Walken with the More Cowbell sketch, and of course John Goodman, Candice Bergen, Alec Baldwin, Buck Henry, among other talented performers.

However, there have been bad guest as well. Steven Seagal snl appearance was not exactly brilliant. Adrien Brody, Lance Armstrong, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Tom Green, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Donald Trump. There are even well known technical incidents, the most notable one happened to Ashlee Simpson. Sinead O’Connor is also a performance that will forever remembered, as she showed a picture of a Balkan kid protesting against abuse during war.

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